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Misdiagnosing Depression Could Seriously Mess With Your Brain

Credits: Corbis Images It’s pretty well established that antidepressants can help people who are depressed. But the drug is often prescribed to help people who don’t suffer from this specific mental illness—and it may actually be hurting their brain. Certain … Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Stress and Guilt: “I’ve done things God can never forgive me for.”

Sometimes the battle after the war is the hardest fight Credits: Shutterstock Image – Receipt on file WASHINGTON, August 19, 2015 – He was about six feet tall, with a thin, narrow face and sad eyes. The Vietnam War was … Continue reading

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Why we NEVER forget gunshots: Loud noises create lasting brain connections that increase our ‘fight or flight’ response years after the event, finds study

Scientists studied changes in brain region known as the ‘locus ceruleus’ Area is mainly responsible for the body’s responses to panic and stress They found that a traumatic event could permanently increase its activity This could explain why it may … Continue reading

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