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What Sex Is Like When You Suffer From Depression

It’s a struggle that we are often pressured to keep secret in a society that stigmatizes and delegitimizes mental health issues, but depression needs to be openly, safely, and empathetically discussed because it touches so many people, and when untreated, … Continue reading

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Newsroom journalists at increased risk of PTSD, depression from images of extreme violence

Source: SAGE Publications Summary: Journalists working with images of extreme violence submitted to newsrooms by the public are at increased risk of adverse psychological consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder. “Given that good journalism depends on healthy journalists, news organizations will … Continue reading

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Are we bad at forecasting our emotions? It depends on how you measure accuracy

Source: Association for Psychological Science Summary: How will you feel if you fail that test? Awful, really awful, you say. Then you fail the test and, yes, you feel bad — but not as bad as you thought you would. … Continue reading

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