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Can there be a bright side to trauma?

disturbing experience doesn’t always lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes, it can enable people to reorient priorities and achieve positive results Aruna Sankaranarayanan Receiving a cancer diagnosis, losing a limb, surviving a brutal terrorist attack, outliving a child—for most of … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover New Method to Predict Stress-Related Diseases: Depression, PTSD and Obesity

It turns out that subtle changes in a single gene can predict how the brain reacts to stress. The findings could have huge implications for health issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and obesity. The researchers focused on two … Continue reading

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First responders living with PTSD need support, says advocate Vince Savoia

Need for better mental health supports is underlined by the suicides of 13 Canadian first responders — police, paramedics, firefighters — in 10 weeks. By: Gemma_Karstens-Smith Vince Savoia knows what it’s like to be a first responder living with post … Continue reading

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